F0CDCTO1WW Aio 510-23Ish
Lenovo Replacement Parts
Model Number
Aio 510-23Ish
Lenovo is a technology company specializing in smartphones, desktops, servers, notebooks, tablet computers, netbooks, peripherals, printers, scanners, and storage devices. Lenovo's portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs (including the legendary Think and multimode YOGA brands), workstations, servers, storage, networking, software (including ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions), smart TVs and a family of mobile products like smartphones (including the Motorola brand), tablets and apps. Our product line includes: ThinkPad, YOGA, Miix, Legion By Lenovo gaming, Ideacentre, Thinkcentre, Moto Z and Moto Mods.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
Lenovo 1Tb Hdd 7200Rpm Sata 3Gbps 32M
Lenovo Adapter
00XJ086Lenovo Antenna
00XL300Lenovo Backlight Cable Nt
00XL299Lenovo Backlight Cable Touch Lg
01AG956Lenovo Borderless Panel
01EF459Lenovo Bracket, For Panel,c5
00XJ104Lenovo C4c5 Aux Antenna_acon
00XJ102Lenovo C4c5 Aux Antenna_high-tek
00XJ103Lenovo C4c5 Main Antenna_acon
00XJ101Lenovo C4c5 Main Antenna_high-tek
00XL301Lenovo C5s5 23" Boe Non-ait Bl Cable
00XJ051Lenovo Cables Internal
Lenovo Card
31503362Lenovo Cc Cables External
31503361Lenovo Cc Cables External
31503359Lenovo Cc Cables External
31049518Lenovo Cc Cables External
31039107Lenovo Cc Cables External
31039104Lenovo Cc Cables External
31039103Lenovo Cc Cables External
Lenovo Cc Cables ExternalY
00XL086Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL084Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL081Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL075Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL074Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL072Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL071Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL069Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL066Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL065Lenovo Cc Cables External
00XL063Lenovo Cc Cables External
01AH324Lenovo Cm Cameras
00XJ056Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
00XJ055Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
00XJ053Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
00XJ052Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
00XJ049Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
00XJ046Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
00XJ043Lenovo Ct Cables Internal
Lenovo Cw Wireless Wan Adapters
Lenovo Display Display Lgd Lm230wf7-s
01EF452Lenovo Emi_gasket_hdmi_a
01EF453Lenovo Emi_gasket_hdmi_b
01EF451Lenovo Emi_gasket_rear Io
Lenovo Fa FansY
Lenovo Hd Hard Drives
01EF354Lenovo Hs Heat Sinks
01EF353Lenovo Hs Heat Sinks
01AG103Lenovo I I5-7400t 2.4Ghz/4c/6m 35W
01AG113Lenovo Intel Core I3-7100t 3.4Ghz/2c/Y
01AH645Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
01AH640Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
01AH639Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
01AH634Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
00XH621Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
00XH601Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
00XH598Lenovo Kb Keyboards External
25211005Lenovo Ki Keyboards Internal
25211004Lenovo Ki Keyboards Internal
25211002Lenovo Ki Keyboards Internal
25210994Lenovo Ki Keyboards Internal
31049497Lenovo Lenovo Part - 31049497
31049508Lenovo Lenovo Part - 31049508
01EF468Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF467Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF466Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF465Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF464Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF463Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF462Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF461Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF460Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF421Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF420Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF419Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF418Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF416Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF415Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF409Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF408Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF407Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01EF406Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
Lenovo Ma Mechanical Assemblies
01LM039Lenovo Mb Dis 2G Hdmi-in/out W/rtc No
01LM040Lenovo Mb Dis 2G Hdmi-in/out W/rtc Wi
01EF567Lenovo Mb Frame
01EF529Lenovo Mb Shielding
01LM037Lenovo Mb Uma Hdmi-in/out W/rtc Nok
01LM038Lenovo Mb Uma Hdmi-in/out W/rtc Win
01AG710Lenovo Memory
01AG708Lenovo Memory
Lenovo Memory 4G Ddr4 2400 Sodimm
01AG709Lenovo Mm Memory
01AG707Lenovo Mm Memory
01AG706Lenovo Mm Memory
01AG705Lenovo Mm Memory
01AG704Lenovo Mm Memory
01AG701Lenovo Mm Memory
01AG700Lenovo Mm Memory
01EF537Lenovo Mn Misc Internal
01EF469Lenovo Mn Misc Internal
01EF458Lenovo Mn Misc Internal
01EF457Lenovo Mn Misc Internal
01EF422Lenovo Mn Misc Internal
Lenovo Ms Pointing Devices
01AH700Lenovo Ms Pointing Devices
00PH132Lenovo Ms Pointing Devices
Lenovo Ms Pointing DevicesY
01AH402Lenovo Mx Misc External
Lenovo Od Optical DrivesY
Lenovo Panel Lm230wf9-ssa2Y
00UW379Lenovo Pl System Boards
00UW378Lenovo Pl System Boards
00UW377Lenovo Pl System Boards
00UW376Lenovo Pl System Boards
Lenovo Power BoardY
01AG047Lenovo Pu ProcessorsY
01AG044Lenovo Pu Processors
00XG111Lenovo Pu Processors
00JT096Lenovo Sd Solid State Drives
00JT095Lenovo Sd Solid State Drives
01AH925Lenovo Si Speakers Internal
01EF456Lenovo Side Io Cover Black
01EF455Lenovo Side Io Cover White
01AG091Lenovo Sp Intel I7-7700t 2.9Ghz/4c/6m
01EF454Lenovo Sponge,for Front Housing,c5
01EF934Lenovo Stand Assy Black Gt New
Lenovo Stand Assy White Gt NewY
00XH648Lenovo Usb,calliope,kb,wh,fra
00XH651Lenovo Usb,calliope,kb,wh,ger
00XH654Lenovo Usb,calliope,kb,wh,hbw
00XH657Lenovo Usb,calliope,kb,wh,ita
00XH669Lenovo Usb,calliope,kb,wh,spa
31049502Lenovo Volex 1.0M C5 Isi Power Cord
31049504Lenovo Volex 1.0M C5 Ity Power Cord