12972UG Thinkpad-edge-e325
Lenovo Replacement Parts
Model Number
Lenovo is a technology company specializing in smartphones, desktops, servers, notebooks, tablet computers, netbooks, peripherals, printers, scanners, and storage devices. Lenovo's portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs (including the legendary Think and multimode YOGA brands), workstations, servers, storage, networking, software (including ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile solutions), smart TVs and a family of mobile products like smartphones (including the Motorola brand), tablets and apps. Our product line includes: ThinkPad, YOGA, Miix, Legion By Lenovo gaming, Ideacentre, Thinkcentre, Moto Z and Moto Mods.

Part List

CategoryPart NumberDescriptionDemand
04W1652Lenovo Auo 13.3"Hd
92P1161Lenovo Battery Asm
04W1812Lenovo Camera Hd 1M Bison
04W1811Lenovo Camera Hd 1M Suyin
45N0120Lenovo Chicony 65W 3Pin Fru
42T5126Lenovo Denmark-1.0m
42T5041Lenovo Denmark-1.0m
Lenovo Europe-1.0m
42T5029Lenovo Europe-1.0m
04W2200Lenovo Fru Antenna Set Wlan
04W2207Lenovo Fru Base Cover Asm Row
Lenovo Fru Dc Jack Cable
Lenovo Fru Elpis3.0
60Y3247Lenovo Fru Fxc 11Wlan
Lenovo Fru Hdd Cover Bracket
04W2196Lenovo Fru Hdd Door
04W1935Lenovo Fru Keyboard Bezel Asm
Lenovo Fru Label Set
04W2206Lenovo Fru Lcd Bezel Asm
04W2202Lenovo Fru Lcd Cable
04W2198Lenovo Fru Lcd Cover Kit Black
04W2205Lenovo Fru Lcd Hinge (Snr)
04W2203Lenovo Fru Lcd Hinge (Szs)
Lenovo Fru Ltn 11WlanY
04W2191Lenovo Fru Mic Module
63Y0213Lenovo Fru Pc-kbd Use
04W3396Lenovo Fru Pln Amd E-450
04W2210Lenovo Fru Power Sw Board
04W2197Lenovo Fru Screw Kit
Lenovo Fru Speaker Asm
42T5062Lenovo Israel-1.0m
42T5147Lenovo Israel-1.0m
42T5132Lenovo Italy-1.0m
Lenovo Italy-1.0m
45N1059Lenovo Lgc Dutton 6Cell
04W2636Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ara
04W2599Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ara
04W2637Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Bel
04W2600Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Bel
04W2601Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Bul
04W2638Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Bul
04W2639Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Czh
04W2602Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Czh
04W2640Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Den
04W2603Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Den
04W2605Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Fra
04W2642Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Fra
04W2606Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ger
04W2643Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ger
04W2607Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Grk
04W2644Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Grk
04W2608Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Hbw
04W2645Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Hbw
04W2609Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Hgn
04W2646Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Hgn
04W2610Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ice
04W2647Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ice
04W2611Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ita
04W2648Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Ita
04W2613Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Net
04W2650Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Net
04W2614Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Nor
04W2651Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Nor
04W2616Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Por
04W2653Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Por
04W2617Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Rus
04W2654Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Rus
04W2619Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Scb
04W2656Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Scb
04W2618Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Slk
04W2655Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Slk
04W2604Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Spa
04W2641Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Spa
04W2620Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Swe
04W2657Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Swe
04W2621Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Sws
04W2658Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Sws
04W2622Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Tur
04W2659Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Tur
04W2623Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Uke
04W2660Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Uke
04W2631Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Use
04W2594Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Use
04W2624Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Usi
04W2661Lenovo Liwei/payton-kbd Usi
45N1174Lenovo Panasonic Dutton 6C
04W0769Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ara
04W0805Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ara
04W0770Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Bel
04W0806Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Bel
04W0807Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Bul
04W0771Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Bul
04W0808Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Czh
04W0772Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Czh
04W0809Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Den
04W0773Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Den
04W0811Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Fra
04W0775Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Fra
04W0812Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ger
04W0776Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ger
04W0813Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Grk
04W0777Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Grk
04W0814Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Hbw
04W0778Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Hbw
04W0815Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Hgn
04W0779Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Hgn
04W0816Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ice
04W0780Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ice
04W0817Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ita
04W0781Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Ita
04W0819Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Net
04W0783Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Net
04W0820Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Nor
04W0784Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Nor
04W0822Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Por
04W0786Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Por
04W0823Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Rus
04W0787Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Rus
04W0825Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Scb
04W0789Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Scb
04W0824Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Slk
04W0788Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Slk
04W0810Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Spa
04W0826Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Swe
04W0790Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Swe
04W0827Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Sws
04W0791Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Sws
04W0828Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Tur
04W0792Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Tur
04W0829Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Uke
04W0793Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Uke
04W0800Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Use
04W0830Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Usi
04W0794Lenovo Pc&lw-kbd Usi
04W0774Lenovo Pc-lw-kbd Spa
42T5141Lenovo Sa-1.0m
Lenovo Sa-1.0m
42T5129Lenovo Sws-1.0m
42T5044Lenovo Sws-1.0m
04W1791Lenovo Tray-payton 320Gb Hgst
42T5120Lenovo Uk-1.0m
42T5035Lenovo Uk-1.0m